Wednesday, September 29

Proenza Shoulder SPRING/SUMMER 2011

Behind the scenes,
photo's: jak&jil


Label54, Amplified SS10 Classic Tongue Charcoal, price € 44,95
 ASOS, Metallica Tee, price € 42
ASOS, It's Only Rock And Roll Baby Vest, price € 21

River Island, Harley Davidson T-shirt, prijs € 30,45

source:, asos, google,

Sunday, September 26

Tsjechie 2010!

2 weeks ago i went with school to 'Tsjechie', it was reaaaally cool! Here a couple photo's of it.

 Drinking Starbucks!

with a teacher!

We can do it!

Wednesday, September 8

Hi everyone!
School starts and wow i love my new class! With really nice people in it, and a lots of friends. Think this is gonna be the best year of all. Next week i'm going to 'Tsjechië' (dont know if its the same in English but i am in a lame mood so i hope so haha) with school! We are there for a week long so that will be a lots of pictures with a looong report!
Well this photo next to the text are me and my brother when i was little! Kinda cute isn't?
Hope you like,

Sunday, September 5

vacation is over.

Mango Blouse
H&M Skirt
Hema legging
Australian Uggs shoes

Tomorrow school will begin again, the vacation has gone so fast! I am now in my final year and that means I will be blogging less, I'm in a hockeyteam so I need to train once a week and, one game in the weekend. Also I'm (finally) going on sewing lessons. Ofcourse I will post all my handmade things.
I will report how my day was tomorrow at school!

Saturday, September 4


fi-na-ly! a new designer who's going to design clothes for H&M.
The designer of Lanvin, Alber Elbaz. I just can't wait anymore..
Wallet this is a warning for you!
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