Wednesday, December 29


Hi everyone!

Sorry that I didn't post earlier but I am soo bizzy it's not normal again. I've got for christmas a laptop so that means that I can blog more! Well, that's the meaning of it. I will try to post 3/4 things in a week.
I'm not used to take time for blogging again so I will probably forget it, hope you guys wil remember me, and support me to give me reactions on a post. Well whatever!
I wanna wish you all a happy new years eve, and lets start the new year with a good beginning!
I've made some good intentions for 2011!
1. Thinking positive.
2. More blogging!
3. Exercise more.

These are just a few of the 10 more I've got, but those are a lot more like, painting my room white etc. haha.
Well I am unstoppable on my tumblr, because its so easy to post something. thats it.


Monday, December 13

It's Heaven.

Bali-born jewellery designer Heaven Tanudiredja studied in Antwerp and in 2006 was given the Christine Mathijs fashion award by Dries van Noten. Each of his handmade pieces takes 24 hours to create and is sculpted from te finest antique French jet.
I really love the jewellery, the structures and the colours. Especially the new Spring/Summer 2011 collection. You can watch it in this video.

Heaven Tanudiredja's Spring/Summer 2011 collection


Monday, December 6

H&M Tshirt | ZARA Cardigan | Unknown Shawl | PIECES Tregging | Vans shoes |

Made this weekend delicious cupcakes, and got a new coat from Zara €130

Thursday, December 2


I've got a new Tumblr, with also crazy pictures of my and my friends on it. Well take a look if you want!

Monday, November 29


The scent of...

Anna Dello Russo! Well that was a suprise when i saw her video on youtube! I definatly need this parfume for my collection! According to the 47-year-old fashion woman was the way to the top heavy and she went to work like Cinderella. "For years I worked under at the top. I twenty years I was one one, but I'm now finally invited to the ball! "
The perfume bottle in the shape of a golden pump, symbolizes her story.
What do you think of the brand new parfume from Anna Dello Russo?

Saturday, November 20

Going public!

I'm on Beauty booster !! When I read that Beauty Booster needed someone to help them I quickly sent an email including an article to improve my 'skills'. And after that I'm official a member. I have my stuck days, Monday and Thursday.
Unfortunately it is in Dutch so if you want to read it, you need to translate it!
Well it's still great hope you like it!


picture from honestlywtf

Thursday, November 18


Again! Haha, yes it was time for a brand new header. And here it is! Hope you like.
And here a few photo's i made today. I was a little bit too creative with paint shop pro, haha I hope you don't mind!


desert fox.


Monday, November 15


 Here a few facebook and twitter pictures of Christina Curry, my new fashion icon! Really love her style and something extra's; her tattoo's!

source: chrissiecurry, taifraiser

Thursday, November 11


When I looked at today I saw the backstage photographs of the Victoria Secret Angels. The JakAndJill photographer Tommy Ton has shooted the photo's, and what a foretaste! I mean the show is only november the 30th but i can almost seee the whole show out of the photo's. In one word: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
The only thing i just don't understand is, how can they make a wing out of bubbles? Well we'll see, the show airs november the 30th!

Monday, November 8

empty wallet

Alexander McQueen | Adam Strapless bead-embellished dress | Yves Saint Laurent ring | Raquel Allegra cotton t-shirt | Stella McCartney cardigan

Thursday, November 4

outfit number four.

My old snoopy.. aww isn't he cute?

Cardigan and top from Primark | Jegging from Pieces | Pumps from H&M | Glasses, Tom Ford.
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