Saturday, July 31

airbrush tattoo.


I barely recognized Whitney when i saw this picture! Haha i really love her sobriety, style, brand etc. etc!

at home

I will be till wednesday at home because i will pick up my grandma monday from Schiphol. She's going to fly monday from Portugal to the Netherlands to celebrate vacation with us for three weeks.
Here a couple pictures of a bird called Stork (Ooievaar). It was so pretty and it came very closely!
Here an outfit i've worn. (That day it was cold.. haha)
Glasses: unknown
Top: Zara
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Vans
Bag: Vintage

And i also bought this vintage bag on a flee-market.

Sorry for the bad photo quality, i was in a hurry haha.
I will keep you'll up!

Friday, July 23

Vacation stories.

Monday, 26 july.

Hi everyone!

Because i cannot found any app to post a blog on my blog i do found a app to edit posts of my blog i will do this everytime, hope you dont mind! I really love it here, so quitely and peacefull (except 2 clowns for the kids on this camping who come every morning at 10 am in a little golfcar with a lot of noise to get little kids to the beach..) The best of all is that i only need to walk up a long stair and i am allready on the beach! Tomorrow my bf Kiki comes till Saturday. Saturday i'm also going home to get my grandma from Schiphol but after that were going back to Zeeland. I will keep you'll up what's going on here!

song of the day: Coldplay - Yellow

Tomorrow i'm going on vacation to 'Zeeland' a place at sea in the Netherlands. I will be there for 4 weeks. In the time i am there i can post little posts on my ipod, but not photo's etc. So it will be short posts how i have it in 'Zeeland' and sometime posts of fashion etc. Well when i'm back of vacation i will do this fulltime again haha!
Well happy holidays everyone, speak to you all soon!

new shoes!

Today i went shopping with Kiki. I bought Vans because i wanted them allready a long time! I really love the brown colour! Here a couple photo's.

Thursday, July 22

Lucky day!

We'll today i went to the fair(kermis) with Kiki, my best friend. It was really funny. Later that day we went again until a man of the radio appealed to us. He asked us if we wanted to do our hair free of a profesional haircutter. We said yes, ofcourse. Well a hour later, our hair where beautifully cutted and we also let our hair styled. At the end wheve got a goodiebag with a freeticket for a beach festival named ' 't Zand festival' in Almere, a shampoo of Schwarzkopf, conditioner spray, hairspray and two bracelets. The women who cut our hair was really nice and there was also an photographer! Kiki is really tall and small so he asked her also if she wanted to do a photoshoot with him. We where reaaaaly lucky today and our day cannot go wrong anymore!
Here a pair photo's of my hair and the goodie bag!
There is not a big change of my hair and you cannot see it that good, but it is different haha, well it doesnt matter!

highlights couture.

Chanel, Valentino, Jean Paul Gaultier, Elie Saab.


Look of the day.

source: i forgot the blog :$

Wednesday, July 21

AIFW: Club Brilliant

The fashion show of Club Brilliant was a big negative suprise to me. There were several styles and many colors, some pieces aren't even pretty.
There is no red line in the collection, it's like there are 4 kinda fashionshows of different brands in one fashionshow.
Well that's my opinion what do you think?

Saturday, July 17

outfit number three.

(Haha i'm looking really angry on the third photo, but ok!)
Necklace: DIY
Shirt: Cornwell
Short: Zara
Shoes: Allstars
Sunglasses: My grandma's
Well what do you think?

Thursday, July 15

Doutzen is pregnant!

Finally the Victoria Secret model, Doutzen Kroes is pregnant of her first child from DJ Sunnery James.

"I'm feeling all day long so happy!" she says. "Sunnery and I are in the clouds. The first critical three months have proceeded successfully. I feel good . My friends and relatives says that i'm shining. "

Congratz Doutzen!

my dream weddingdress.

When i'm going to marry i will wear this:
of J.Crew
Tiered silk-chiffon gown

old school women.

source: google, weheartit

Monday, July 12

When i'm bored i do this..

Hope u like!


this post is in dutch sorry!

Oke het is dus bijna vakantie en ik wordt gek, nederland heeft gewoon VERLOREN van Spanje, wat me echt zwaar teleursteld haha. Ik dacht echt dat ze zouden winnen .. Maar goed, omdat ik deze week niet meer na school hoef (exept friday, want dan is het rapport ophalen) heb ik meeer tijd voor mijn blog! Jeej! En ik ga daarom extra tijd besteden aan mijn blog! Maar natuurlijk ga ik ook veel afspreken met vriendinnen, dus zoveel tijd heb ik nou ookweer niet :'D. Morgen ga ik met een paar vriendinnen hockeyen en M. vriendin van mij blijft slapen, dan gaan we waarschijnlijk in onze tuin veel fotos maken dus die komen hier uiteraaard snel op haha!
Ik hou jullie op de hoogte!

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