Tuesday, March 30

DIY: Make a scarf a cardigan.

When i looked at the site, girlscene.nl i found a faboulus idea wich i'm surtain gonna do! They explain the idea to make a scarf, a cardigan. It's really easy.
Hope you like!

What do you need?
a siccor
a tape measure
and one square meter of fabric.

Step one.
Fold the fabric twice from left to right.

Step two.Use your tape measure at here. Measure with the tape measure from the top down 15 centimeters and 15 centimeters from the folded side. Then cut a 20 centimeter vertical slot as the first picture you can see.

Step three.
Fold the fabric open and then you need to see two slots in your dust. There you can get your arms through and look ... your cardigan is ready!
You can wear your scarf/ cardigan in several ways! I think it looks the best with a waist belt over it.
for the Dutch version click here.
source: girlscene.nl

Look of the day.

Sunday, March 28

Earth Mother.

Patrick Demarchelier has been in charge of the photo shoot for the april's issue of the american Vogue, and the perfectly in shape mom, Gisele Bündchen. I really love the theme of the photosession, Earth Mother.
I've already post something about this photoshoot, if you wan't to see the photosession backstage, click here.


source: swastruck

Saturday, March 27

Look of the day.

Lara stone for Eres.

My mood to go swimming gets larger and larger when i see these photo's of Lara Stone for Eres. Her perfectly i-eat-what-i-want-body with the colorful bikini's, it let me remember that the summer gets closer and closer.

Wednesday, March 24


like all of you I have school,
that's why I didn't post anything the last three days because i'm really bizzy! I will try to keep it up.
In the weekend I will post more ofcourse!


Saturday, March 20

as seen in Paris and New York...

Ultimate short!
Ultra-short is back with a vengeance. Dresses, skirts, shorts, anything goes and long tanned legs are shown to their best advantage. Combining them with a great shirt, jacket, or heels, makes these outfits look mega-sexy. The only warning they carry: you need the right figure to pull this one off. These girls definitely can. Who dares follow suit?
photography by: Peter Stigter

Model of the week.

Patricia van der Vliet.
Residence: Netherlands
Date of birth: July 14, 1989.
Height: 5'11.5"
Eye Color: Blue
Agency's: Elite, Elite Milan, Union, New York Model Management.
Campaigns: Balenciaga, Burberry

Rising star Patricia vd Vliet was a finalist in Holland's Next Top Model. The perfectly proportioned beauty had her big breakthrough last fall. She did shows for Kenzo, Balenciaga, Karl Lagerfeld, YSL, Nina Ricci, Valentino and even opened the Louis Vuitton show. Her latest job is every models dream: shot by Maria Testino for the cover of British Vogue.

the two C's.

source: imonline.nl
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