Tuesday, August 31


wildfox jeans lookbook spring 2011.

I really adore the photo's of the lookbook! The only thing whats really disturbing me is that the model is so skinny! Like siriously look at her, beside the model i love the jeans and the photo's are just awesome, i would loved it much more if the model had some fat on her body.
photos from studdedhearts.

the 50's

In 1956 appears the film Et Dieu... créa la femme (And god, created the women). That movie means the worldwide breakthrough of lead actress Brigitte Bardot , but also defines what the beauty and fashion was in the fifties. In those days it was nothing but sensual, joyful and seductive. That means a deep decolletés, waistlines and slender skirts.
Here a couple Style Icons of the 50's
Brigitte Bardot

Sophia Loren

Bette Joan

Marilyn Monroe

Dress the 50's
1. Vintage Chanel Earrings, 2. Badgley Mischka 'Randall' Pump, 3. Diane Von Furstenberg, 4. Unknown Vintage Flower Dress, 5. Marni Chain necklace with Horn and Pyrite, 6. Felder Felder Dress with leather bust.

Sources: polyvore, google.

Wednesday, August 25

Look of the day.

by Hanneli Mustaparta.

I will be till sunday in Belgium/Ardenne, my aunt has there a little house. Well i have no internet at all because it is in the woods so i will be posting sunday or monday again!

Tuesday, August 24


Fashionable people at lowlands, luckely i will be at lowlands next year! Though i'm allready exited!


Thank you Lianne for giving me this blog award! I really appriciate it!
now here 7 facts about myself:

1, since I was little I wanted to be fashion designer , I want it so bad! After the summer I go for the second time on sewing lessons.

2, After the summervacation i will go to 4VMBO, it's my last year, so i will post less because i need to concentrate on school!

3, I love all kinds of music , from hardcore to indie !

4, Actually I have glasses , but I wear lenses 8-)

5, kiki is my best friend, I 've known her for like 12 years!

6, I have an older brother and sister , and my sister has a baby named Jaan, he is one and a half years old. He's like my bestfriend i love him so much, and he is really cute, with his blond hair and blue eyes!

7, I 'm half Portuguese, my mom is Portuguese and almost every year we go to Portugal in the summer. (Well exept this year though, haha)

These where the 7 facts about myself!

now the moment where I give the blogaward to 7 other bloggers:

1. Kelly, with her blog Lions, Tigers & Fashion OH MY! She's such an inspiration for me, really love her style!
4.Spirit Ditch
6.Fashion statement

Thanks again Lianne! I love you all my lovely followers! Keep following, and loving each other!

Monday, August 23


Christopher Kane
do i need to say more? i don't think so!


hey everyone,
Yesterday i went to dancetour like i said, from 1 to 10 i was dancing like a freak haha! the weather was luckely nice. Here a photo of it. I was wearing my new blouse from Mango.

Saturday, August 21

Look of the day

source: i forgot.


Hi y'all i'm back! Tomorrow i'm going to a big party (Dancetour) and today i went shopping with a friend! So here a quicke post with a couple photo's of my vacation!

Wednesday, August 4

i'm off!

hi guys,
i'm going to zeeland again for 2/3 more weeks, i will post recently how i have it there so i will keep ya'll up!
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