Sunday, February 28

Prada Fall 2010 Ready-To-Wear

The Prada Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear collection is perfect for those ladies who want a feminine look but without sacrificing daring details that are huge nowadays. You really see things from Prada at the 60's and 90's.
The collection was all about the curve (a refreshing change, I must say), creating a unique silhouette on the runway.
For those who did not made it to join the show for real, just like Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Emporio Armani you could also see the Prada show live on the internet.
I liked it, but because it was so bizzy with people who want to see the show simultaneously the stream was very bad.

Next time more aware that its going to be that busy?

Well whatever, here a few examples of the show:

Yes this is the Dutch model Patricia Van Der Vliet.
I'm proud of her that she made it this far!

Love the layer effect with the little belt.

Just because this is the prettiest dress of the whole collection!

Here you clearly can see the infludes of the 60's and 90's.
The colors, the hair, the glasses, the legging and the dress, the whole outfit remembers me of the 60's.


It's no secret that I'm a fan of vintage stuff. I buy sometimes things in a shop in my neighborhood called SamSam. Now, I know two great sites that sell real designer items. and
Example; Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang, Gucci, Prada etc. But they also have jewelry think of; Otazu, Rolex, Swarovski, Juicy Couture etc.

Often you just can see if the stuff is real or fake. Most of the time its real, you can check that because they almost take a picture of everything. Sometimes even the price tag.
I think its the best place to buy authentic designer clothes, shoes, bags and more!
Have fun!

Model of the week.

I'm going to start with something new, every week I will post a column with the name; Model of the week. The intention is that I'm going to write about the model. You'll see known models, but also unknown models.

This week the model of the week is:
Abbey Lee Kershaw

After winning the Australian Girlfriend CoverGirl Model Search, Abbey was vaulted into the big time. She scored a 20-page editorial in Vogue Italia’s October 2008 issue, and was signed to walk exclusively for Gucci during her first season.

Residence: New York, NY, US
Hometown: Melbourne,
AustraliaHeight: 5'11"
Eye Color: Blue
Date of Birth: June 12, 1987
Agency: Next
Campaigns: Gucci , H&M, Gucci Fragrance

Friday, February 26

ASOS Afrika!, where you can buy all the latest trends. Now I finally have my creditcard, I can finaly buy things on the internet! I was looking for clothes when i saw that Asos has an new collection. Called, ASOS Afrika. They work together with the group; the green room.
Asos talking;
'On our continuing quest to find new inspiration for collections, we recently spent time in Afrika working with artisans and small producer groups. The vibrancy of the continent inspired us to created 'ASOS Afrika' with the alm of supporting trade in Afrika.'

The collection is very nice, the colors and prints let you think of Africa. Here a few examples: Printed jumpsuit.
Printed tie waist short.

The collection is very small and exclusive. So if u want to buy something from the ASOS Afrika collection? You support the charity, and you have a nice garment to!

Thursday, February 25

Live frontrow at Prada!

Yes you read it correctly, about a few hours and you can see the show live from Prada! The following link shows you tonight at 7 hour the show live.
Are you going to watch it live tonight?

Tuesday, February 23

British Elle Style Awards!

Last night were the awards in London and beautiful dresses and outfits came along, here are a few examples.

Naomi Campbell won the biggest prize of the evening of Outstanding Contribution to Style. The top model (she's also still doing well) contributed this price on her friend, fashion designer Alexander McQueen. Naomi received the award not only for her modeling career, for her commitment to the White Ribbon Alliance (an organization that fight complications of pregnancies worldwide.).

Another winner of the night: Twilight's Kristen Stewart. She took the Woman of the Year award home! What an honor.. Other prizes went to the pregnant Claudia Schiffer (won the Model of the Year) and also pregnant Dannii Minogue (sister of Kylie), it was the TV star award for her work for The X Factor. And Carey Mulligan was Actress of the Year.

And then the fashion prices!! : the Elle Style Editor's pick went to it-girl Alexa Chung (and i'm a fan obviously) The 2010 Style Icons were Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Lara Stone smoking before Chanel.

I just don't get the point with the 'mickey mouse' hair at Chanel.
I do love the creativity, and Chanel is growing (small steps but okay) regard the creativity, but why do they get their inspiration of Disney Land?
Couple years ago the designer Manish Arora has given a fashion show at the Indian Fashion Week. That was way WAY worse than this 'hair-thing' at Chanel.

''Anyway right now I'm going to drink my tea (because I have terrible problems with a sore throat, jippie) and then i'm going to watch Sven Kramer(iceskater) at 22 pm on the Dutch Television!''

Saturday, February 20

Addicted to...

Gossip Girl ofcourse, after I borrowed a dvdbox from a friend I'm a fan!
Especially Blair. Her bitchy character and her super hot friend (CHUCK) let me melt..

Polaroid Camera!

Does anyone know where you can buy a Polaroid camera? I'm looking for this thing like 100 years but they are often super expensive!

Chanel new nail colours!

I really lovee this new nail polish colours of Chanel.
Especially the coralline colour.

Thursday, February 11

Alexander Mcqueen dead?!

That was my reaction when i read on the internet that he was found dead at his apartment. I am still in shock. He was my favourite designer with his Alienshoes! I mean, who invents something like that? Or
The hugely successful designer has become 40 years. His assistant said: "It is a tragic loss. We make no further statements at this time out of respect for McQueen family. "
It is just like Michael Jackson but now in fashion scene, what a loss, I still can not believe. it seems like all big stars die, Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy and now Alexander Mcqueen.

Rest in peace Alexander. We will never forget you, and the beautiful dresses and collections you made!

Wednesday, February 10


did you hear the latest gossip already?
nate archibald wears his dad's shirt.

lara stone.

I came to this on a other blog and i love the way she poses.
and besides its an dutch model!

jessica stam.

daisy lowe.

Daisy loves the guitar just like me.

Chanel met (functionerende) bulb heel!?

And then there was light! I assure you it’s not a bad joke, it’s not a joke at all! Actually, it’s not even funny! But it’s Chanel! I came across this sandal while searching nice things to share with you. Instead I came across this ….thing! I was always convinced that haute couture is more about indulging the concept than about actually wearing the product, but a bulb heel??? And a functioning one? It’s like someone who’d buy this kind of shoe could get lost in the wilderness and would need light to see the path. And then there’s another question that pops in my mind – the wearer’s weight! I mean.. after all, it’s a bulb, right?


eye contact


elle-volution in town!

Hallo jongens en meiden!
Ik zal mezelf eens even voorstellen. Mijn naam is Suzanne en ik ben bijna 15 jaar oud, mijn verjaardag is namelijk 15 februari! EN dat is komende maandag al.
Ik woon in Nederland in de stad Tilburg.
Kindertent startte mijn intresses in schrijven, mode volgen etc. Later kwamen ook de blogs op wordpress waar ik verslagen typte maar na een week of 2 vergat ik het telkens en was ik het zat.
Ik volg al een tijd blogs op, bloglovin of blogspot en na een tijdje dacht ik laat ik dat ook doen.
Ik verwacht er niet veel van, ik denk ook niet dat ik 1000 lezers zal krijgen, maar als jullie dit zouden lezen zou ik het wel leuk vinden als je een comment plaatst! Dan weet ik dat je het gelezen hebt.
Ik heb zoveel tijdschriften liggen, en heb al best wel 'n verstand van mode. So lets do this!
Hope you like it!


Hello boys and girls, I will introduce myself to you. Suzanne and i'm almost 15 years old, my birthday is on the 15th of February.
I live in the Netherlands in the pretty little town; Tilburg.
(I hear you say now haha!) Tielboerg.
A little Dutch site started my intresses in writing, following fashion etc.
Later i made some blogs on wordpress where I typed reports but after two weeks I forgot to write and i was sick of it..
I follow blogs on for a while, bloglovin or blogspot and after a while I thought lets do that too.
I do not expect much, I dont think I will get 1000 readers , but if you read this, I would not mind if you put a comment! Then i know that at least you read it.
At home i have so many magazines, and i have a good mind of fashion, so lets do this!
Hope u like!

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