Wednesday, December 29


Hi everyone!

Sorry that I didn't post earlier but I am soo bizzy it's not normal again. I've got for christmas a laptop so that means that I can blog more! Well, that's the meaning of it. I will try to post 3/4 things in a week.
I'm not used to take time for blogging again so I will probably forget it, hope you guys wil remember me, and support me to give me reactions on a post. Well whatever!
I wanna wish you all a happy new years eve, and lets start the new year with a good beginning!
I've made some good intentions for 2011!
1. Thinking positive.
2. More blogging!
3. Exercise more.

These are just a few of the 10 more I've got, but those are a lot more like, painting my room white etc. haha.
Well I am unstoppable on my tumblr, because its so easy to post something. thats it.


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