Tuesday, March 30

DIY: Make a scarf a cardigan.

When i looked at the site, girlscene.nl i found a faboulus idea wich i'm surtain gonna do! They explain the idea to make a scarf, a cardigan. It's really easy.
Hope you like!

What do you need?
a siccor
a tape measure
and one square meter of fabric.

Step one.
Fold the fabric twice from left to right.

Step two.Use your tape measure at here. Measure with the tape measure from the top down 15 centimeters and 15 centimeters from the folded side. Then cut a 20 centimeter vertical slot as the first picture you can see.

Step three.
Fold the fabric open and then you need to see two slots in your dust. There you can get your arms through and look ... your cardigan is ready!
You can wear your scarf/ cardigan in several ways! I think it looks the best with a waist belt over it.
for the Dutch version click here.
source: girlscene.nl


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