Friday, March 19

DIY: Miu Miu socks.

Do you wanna stand out? Then make your own Miu Miu socks! It's very easy and you save lots of money.
If you go for the expensive ones you need at least 200 euros for buying one pair of socks. But when you make your own, you don't even need 15 euros.

The steps:
1) Pick or buy some socks. The best way is to choose for thick / wool / cotton socks.

2) Buy at an hobby shop striking, matching sequins and beads. So choose a matching color palette, for example: silver, pink gold, pink and purple. You can make it so expensive and luxurious as you want.
3) First you need a needle and thread. Make sure you choose a neutral color thread.

4) Then sew the sequins and spangles carefully to the sock. Just be sure that you won't sew anything on the pedestal, it can irritate.

5) Your finished!

For the rich ones, Net-a-Porter.



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