Thursday, April 8


Do you speak fashion?

Fashion goes far, don't be suprised that you need to speak English.

Just like the statement jewellery: something what stands out, it's what the whole outfit is about, the key piece.

Just like a trophy bag: the piece of your garderobe, the most expensive of all, the one with the biggest waiting lists. Should be especially apparent. Example: Louis Vuitton, Chanel or the Coco/Rocco bag of Alexander Wang.

Just like a heirloom coat: an expensive item that a heirloom is, a heirloom looks, or a heirloom to be. (for the Dutch ones who doesn't understand me: een heirloom is een erfstuk.)
Think of Hermès or Chanel bags. In clothing the pieces are so noticable that you only can wear them once.

Investment piece
Thats how sounds a expensive purchase. It's a way of art, you can wear it years and it got heirloom potential.

Words you can't say anymore.
Not oversized but: slouchy
Not practical but: utilitarian
Not tight but: body-con
Not rockchick but: French Vogue
Not 'the new black', but: black 3.0


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