Saturday, April 10

Focus of the month.

Focus on one item, the history of it, the meaning, looks, famous people wearing it, why people wear it, and much more!
This month, the shoe.

Everyone wears it, shoes. In every size, in any form, whether you choose for high heels or crocs. It's a way of life, i can't imagen without. Maybe i am making a big deal of it, but what would you do if there are no shoes left? If you need to walk on bare feet, imagen the world without shoes. That would be strange wouldn't?

Well if we wan't to know more about the shoe, lets go back in time. To the history.
The earliest known shoes date from about 8000 to 7000 BCE and were foun in Oregon, USA in 1938.
The earliest designs were simple affairs, often mere "foot bags" of leather to protect the feet from rocks, debris, and cold.
By the Middle Ages, turn-shoes had been developed with toggled flaps or drawstrings to tighten the leather around the foot for a better fit. As Europe gained in wealth and power, fancy shoes became status symbols. Toes became long and pointed, often to ridiculous proportions. Artisans created unique footwear for rich patrons, and new styles developed. Eventually the modern shoe, with a sewn-on sole, was devised. Since the 17th century, most leather shoes have used a sewn-on sole.
Until around 1800, shoes were made without differentiation for the left or right foot. We now call such shoes, "straights".
Since the mid-20th Century, the other fabrics came like: rubber, plastics, synthetic cloth, and industrial adhesives wich helped to allowed manufacturers to create shoes that stray considerably from traditional crafting techniques.

Types of womenshoes.

There is a large variety of shoes available for women. Some categories are:
High-heeled footwear may be shoes with heels 2 inches (5 cm) or higher. They are often seen as having more sex appeal than low heels.
Kitten heels are low high heels from about 1.5 to 2 inches high, set in from the back of the shoe.
Wedge Sandals are sandals but have the ankles higher as if wearing a high heels shoe.
Slingbacks are shoes which are secured by a strap behind the heel, rather than over the top of the foot.

Some shoedesingers.
Christian Louboutin (born 1964).
He is a footwear designer who launched his line of high-end women's shoes in France in 1991. Since 1992, his designs have incorporated the shiny, red-lacquered soles that have become his signature. His designs are very popular because he designs extraordinary shoes, but also shoes that are really classic.

Jimmy Choo
Choo was born in Penang, Malaysia into a family of shoemakers. He made his first shoe when he was 11 years old. He is perhaps the most notable of students of Cordwainers Technical College in London Borough of Hackney, London from which he graduated in 1983. He worked part-time at restaurants and as a cleaner at a shoe factory to help fund his college education.

Manolo Blahnik (born 1942).

Born to a Czech father and a Spanish mother and born and raised in the Canary Islands (Spain), Blahnik graduated from the University of Geneva in 1965 and studied art in Paris. He moved to London in 1968 to work at fashion boutique "Zapata" and write for Vogue Italia. After showing his portfolio of fashions and set designs to Diana Vreeland, she told him that he should design only footwear. In 1972, Ossie Clark invited him to create shoes for his runway show.
Manolo Blahnik's flagship store remains to date in Old Church Street, Chelsea London.
Blahnik was awarded the honorary title of Commander of the British Empire in 2007 for his service to the British fashion industry.

Famous people wearing it.
B wears balenciaga.

and christian louboutin.
SJP wears Manolo Blahnik for SATC.
Christina Aguilera wears YSL.


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