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Here a article of the fabolous blog Style Bubble. I'm following her nog for a while and i saw this post of her what made me make this post. Hope you enjoy, for more information look on Style Bubble!
I seem to be constantly reminded of my fashion sinning in more ways than one at the moment, so much so that writing a post about it is increasingly precarious, as I reconsider my stance on things. One area that again, I have sinned to the point of ignorance is eco-fashion - that umbrella term that could mean anything from sustainable production to organic materials. I have tried to understand. I have tried to get enthusiastic. Sadly the problem, similar to charity-propelled products, is that the final results of eco-fashion are just not aesthetically challenging enough. I keep recalling Pia Stanchina as a label that actually shook my eyes into eco-mode but that was two years ago. Nothing since has really touched that sort of awe-factor. Hanging brown paper tags on products to mark them out as 'green', 'organic' and 'sustainable' is just a lazy trump card to keep playing if the clothes feel like they have been put into the constraints of 'green' design.
I'm therefore pleased that I have killed two birds with one convenient stone by finding a designer who a) easily gets graduate footwear designer of this year (last year was the fearless Chau Har Lee) and b) also has impressed me with her will to combine forward-thinking production means with sustainability in materials as well as a mind-blowing aesthetic. I finally saw 2010 Cordwainers Footwear design graduate Helen Furber's shoes in person (who you may have seen via I Don't Eat Bread) today at Carnaby Street and complete with a thorough reading of her detailed design blog (is it not f**cking fantastic that more and more designers and design students put effort into their blogs to document their progress?) as well as seeing her portfolio, I'm now ready to fly the Furber flag for Name Most Likely To Go It Alone With Her Own Brand. That's a very long title there. Not a bad one though if it can be achieved, eh?

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