Thursday, July 22

Lucky day!

We'll today i went to the fair(kermis) with Kiki, my best friend. It was really funny. Later that day we went again until a man of the radio appealed to us. He asked us if we wanted to do our hair free of a profesional haircutter. We said yes, ofcourse. Well a hour later, our hair where beautifully cutted and we also let our hair styled. At the end wheve got a goodiebag with a freeticket for a beach festival named ' 't Zand festival' in Almere, a shampoo of Schwarzkopf, conditioner spray, hairspray and two bracelets. The women who cut our hair was really nice and there was also an photographer! Kiki is really tall and small so he asked her also if she wanted to do a photoshoot with him. We where reaaaaly lucky today and our day cannot go wrong anymore!
Here a pair photo's of my hair and the goodie bag!
There is not a big change of my hair and you cannot see it that good, but it is different haha, well it doesnt matter!

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