Friday, July 23

Vacation stories.

Monday, 26 july.

Hi everyone!

Because i cannot found any app to post a blog on my blog i do found a app to edit posts of my blog i will do this everytime, hope you dont mind! I really love it here, so quitely and peacefull (except 2 clowns for the kids on this camping who come every morning at 10 am in a little golfcar with a lot of noise to get little kids to the beach..) The best of all is that i only need to walk up a long stair and i am allready on the beach! Tomorrow my bf Kiki comes till Saturday. Saturday i'm also going home to get my grandma from Schiphol but after that were going back to Zeeland. I will keep you'll up what's going on here!

song of the day: Coldplay - Yellow

Tomorrow i'm going on vacation to 'Zeeland' a place at sea in the Netherlands. I will be there for 4 weeks. In the time i am there i can post little posts on my ipod, but not photo's etc. So it will be short posts how i have it in 'Zeeland' and sometime posts of fashion etc. Well when i'm back of vacation i will do this fulltime again haha!
Well happy holidays everyone, speak to you all soon!

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