Tuesday, August 24


Thank you Lianne for giving me this blog award! I really appriciate it!
now here 7 facts about myself:

1, since I was little I wanted to be fashion designer , I want it so bad! After the summer I go for the second time on sewing lessons.

2, After the summervacation i will go to 4VMBO, it's my last year, so i will post less because i need to concentrate on school!

3, I love all kinds of music , from hardcore to indie !

4, Actually I have glasses , but I wear lenses 8-)

5, kiki is my best friend, I 've known her for like 12 years!

6, I have an older brother and sister , and my sister has a baby named Jaan, he is one and a half years old. He's like my bestfriend i love him so much, and he is really cute, with his blond hair and blue eyes!

7, I 'm half Portuguese, my mom is Portuguese and almost every year we go to Portugal in the summer. (Well exept this year though, haha)

These where the 7 facts about myself!

now the moment where I give the blogaward to 7 other bloggers:

1. Kelly, with her blog Lions, Tigers & Fashion OH MY! She's such an inspiration for me, really love her style!
4.Spirit Ditch
6.Fashion statement

Thanks again Lianne! I love you all my lovely followers! Keep following, and loving each other!

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