Wednesday, March 2


Yaaay, 15 February I turned 16! That means in Holland we can drink alcohol legaly, I can buy cigarettes if I want to (legaly) and I can go out in my city. So I was pretty happy! Got a lot of stuff: money, cheques, guess watch, guess bag, and a lot of money! From my parents I've got a laptop and printer for x-mass & my bday. Also gave a little party for my dearest friends. Here a few pictures of it.

Tshirt H&M | Jeans H&M | Shoes New Look | Watch Guess

Still very bizzy with school, so I'm sorry that I didn't post anything this month.
I will try to keep it up!


  1. nog gefeliciteerd!
    ik heb je een blogaward gegeven:)
    kijk maar even op mijn blog!

  2. Die schoenen zijn echt leuk

  3. Nog gefeliciteerd!
    Xx liefs

    (Eventjes niets te doen? Neem een kijkje op mijn blog en lees een deel van het verhaal.


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