Sunday, May 15


Hey everyone!

So here a little update, from tuesday till next week wednesday I've got my final exams, so I'm learning a lot. When I graduate I'm going to a mbo school, Sint Lucas in Boxtel. It's the best mbo of the Netherlands and the registration process was very strict, for example: 500 students sign up, only 100 or 200 students will be accepted. So I was super exited when I received the letter.
If I pass my exams, I've got 6 weeks earlier vacation, that means I'm going to work 6 weeks full time and party hard! After that I'm going to 'Renesse' with 2 friends. One week long partying and getting wasted haha.
After that I'm going 2,5 week to the south of France with another friend.
So I've got a damn good prospect!

In and after my summer break I'm trying to post more like usually. Hope you don't mind and understand why I did not post a lot at all this year!


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  1. leuke blog! vind jou echt een mooi meisje :)


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