Wednesday, March 3

Milan Fashion Week.

As you might know last week was Milan Fashion Week and here are some of the trend proposed by Dolce&Gabbana, Fendi, Prada and Versace for Autumn/Winter 2010/2011. Generally all the collections presents very sexies and functional outfits. For the Prada collection click here.


The collection of Dolce and Gabbana is very sexy. With the red lipstick and the colours it all comes together. The most striking is the trend; over-the-knee dresses and skirts. Personally i don't like it, it makes me small and fat, but it looks so beautiful when i see it on the models.


And now Fendi, i litteraly don't have words for this extravagant, ready-to-wear collection. The pieces are each beautiful made and they all have something thats special. With this collection you can go to a fashion party, you can wear it as a red carpet dress, you can go to the North Pole (pic. 7,8) or you just go to your grandma.
Last but not least Versace. Totally diffrent than the other two but refreshing. This collection has more colour than Fendi and D&G together. I think it's better, because we don't want to hear; ''everyone is wearing dark clothes in the winter.'', ''the winter is depressing me.'' Whatever, about the collection. There are some pieces i like, but there are also some pieces that are really raunchy. Like the fur jacket, i mean thats over now right? And i don't think i'm gonna wear some of that dresses to a party, isn't that too much? Its RTW Donatella, you know you can better, prove it.

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