Sunday, March 7


After the succes in the Netherlands of Viktor & Rolf, Jan Taminiau and Klavers van Engelen there's a new generation fashiondesigners ready.
If you wanna know more about the designers go to
About Lichting:
The concept of ‘Lichting’ is simple: the best academy graduates of one year in 1 central catwalk show. In the audience are the 700 most important people for the next step in their careers: fashion journalists and influential stylists, ready to spot the next big thing; CEO’s and design managers on the look-out for talent; and the all-important players-behind-the-scenes, all eager to see what the nation’s academies have brought forth this year. Lichting is a project by AIFW, G-Star, HTNK and Premsla

Here a few designers.

Manon Boertien
Ann Boogaerts.
Aida Saracini.
Bregje Cox.

bron: Glamour.

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